What is the Amount of Pulled Pork that You Need Per Person?

If you mention ‘pulled pork’ to anyone who is a fan of BBQ, you will see them drooling. You will have fun making it, and there is a big tendency to go overboard and you will end up with a lot of excess. Here is how you can lessen the waste, and keep everyone happy. That is why you will learn from here how much pulled pork per person you must give.

Hot dogs and burgers are excellent, but they are not quite as tasty and exciting to eat.

Cooking pulled pork gives you a good chance to show off the BBQ skills you have been wanting to show everyone because it is harder to make.

Pulled pork always pleases the crowd in any grilling party, and there is a good reason for that.

If you do it right, pulled pork is a nice melt-in-your-mouth succulent and tender meat. For those who eat meat, it is one of the top dishes you can have. When you serve it to your guests, you will see it gone faster than the other dishes you prepared.

One issue that people have with pulled pork is they do not know the right amount to much. It is never good to run out before everyone has the chance to get their serving. You also do not want to have mountains of it left after everyone leaves.

We make this recipe on a pellet grill.

Calculator for Pulled Pork

Thankfully, BBQ Nuts provide rules to help in guiding you to cook the right amount of pulled pork. They know that there are a lot of people who tend to prepare too much or too little pulled pork. It is either they are left with so much leftover or not all their guests are able to enjoy it.  There are two simple rules to follow so you will not have to experience this ever again:

  1. A pound of pulled pork is enough for three people. Therefore, try serving 1/3 of one pound per person.

2, Raw pork is normally half its weight when you cook pulled pork. That means for pound of raw pork, you can expect about ½ pound of pulled pork as a result.

How This Formula Works Out

The two rules mean that the calculation is to first multiply the number of guests by 0.3 lbs. Then, you will multiply the result by 50% yield. That means you must double it because pulled pork reduces by half when cooked.

For instance, if you want to know how much pulled pork for 10 adults, the formula is like this:

10 guests x 1/3 pounds of meat and that is equal to 3.3 pound of meat.

3.33 pounds x 50% = 6 ½ pounds of raw, uncooked pork.

Even if it is great to follow a simple formula, there a couple of extra factors that you must remember when figuring out how much is needed. The pulled pork per person calculator can really help you.

1 lb. pulled pork feeds how many?

  • About 3 people.

How much pulled pork for 10?

  • About 2.5 lbs.

For kids

No matter what the perception is, children likely do not have the same appetite as the adult guests. Therefore, you need to figure out how much meat per person for pulled pork differently. Try making it between ½ and 2/3 of what you will normally serve an adult for any child. To make it simple, try changing the formula to multiplying how many guests by 0.25 so you can work out how much pulled pork per person must be prepared.

For an Event

It is observed that sit down meals require more food compared to parties or stand-up socials.

During the Day

People eat more when having dinner compared to lunch.

Kind of Dish

The amount you require must not be the same for making sandwiches compared to if the pork was served with sidings like a salad. If you are going to serve a buffet, then it is good to be a little more liberal with each serving. Roughly, buns or sandwiches could hold 5 ounces of pork. Therefore, make sure to adjust your pulled pork calculator according to what you will serve.


If you are going to serve burgers and hot dogs for a feast, then cooking a huge pile of pulled pork would not be right. Try pulling back a little if it will be part of a bigger feast. If will be serving other main dishes other than the pulled pork, you can lessen the amount by 1/3. This way, you will not be confused on how much shredded pork per person to estimate.

Storing Pulled Pork Leftovers

Even if you make thorough calculations, you might still end up having to deal with leftovers. Do not worry, there are worse things you must deal with compared to a heaping pile of tasty pulled pork.

You can take care of it safely in a certain way that you can retain most of its quality. You can serve the pulled pork mix in an airtight container. Make sure that you pour in the excess sauce in order to retain the flavor.

You can store it in the refrigerator if you plan to finish it within two days. To keep it long term, put it in the freezer. Pulled pork can be kept in the freezer for 4 months.

Meat could lose its quality when you reheat it from being frozen, but there are times when circumstances dictate a solution that is good for a longer term. At least, your pulled pork will still taste the same even after being in the freezer for months.

Now that you already know how to calculate, it is easy to know how many pounds of pulled pork person. This way, you are not going to end up having a lot of leftovers after the feast. Your efforts of making pulled pork will be worth it and your guests will be happy.

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